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(Eng) Ellen,  IQ Battle

Дуже вдячний за створений для мене сайт http://багатограннаукраїна.укр Дуже оперативно та якісно зроблено сайт у той час, коли старий раптом перестав працювати і треба було терміново щось робити…. Тимофій відгукнувся одразу і вирішив проблему у лічені дні!!!!  Зробив новий сайт, із збереженням контенту, там впровадив нові технології, яких раніше не було. Раджу усім, хто цінує свій час та престиж компанії!!!!!!

Директор, Багатогранна Україна

Валерій Колодочка

Sever Design has already designed the second site for me. I would like to thanks for their high quality and good job! Operational cooperation, attention to customer requirements, compliance with deadlines all these points are the performance indicator  of Sever Design’s work. Thanks for them my sites are easy recognizable and memorable.


Evgeni Trifonov

We had been working as an online marketing agency for over 5 years with a great team in Canada. Timofey and his team has been the backbone for the success of our company. Quick and knowledgeable, Timofey takes technical aspects of website development and coding, and transfers them to be easily understood by those with less knowledge. Working with Timofey is great because he brings true value to developing great presence online, and he takes great responsibility to the scope of work, whether big or small. We are extremely grateful for all the hard work and dedication by Timofey.

CEO, HomeShowoff

Evgeni Leiderman

My organization has been experiencing difficulties in finding a professional, creative and dedicated designer in the region for quite a while.  Since we started to cooperate with Timofey, our informational materials have gained a lot  in terms of design quality. All the personnel is quite happy with his resourcefulness.

Communication Officer in NRC

Tetiana Stepykina

We are very thankful to this company for updating our website. We’ve got more that we wished for. Highly recommend this company for many positive qualities: 1. Done on time! 2. Very affordable. 3. Great relationship while creating updated website

Rutman’s Violins Shop, Owner

Ilya Rutman

Timofey is an excellent designer with a great understanding of modern design trends and who never stops improving his talent. If you want to make your product look so perfect and attractive – it’s easy, just ask him.

Softheme, .NET Developer


Sever Design Studio is passionate about web-development, they loves their work, and their projects results speak about it. They always doing 100% of the task, and each time when needed they are doing 120%. Always makes suggestions, improvements and invest lots of time for researches on new technologies and best practises. I would highly recommend working with Sever Design for web-design and web-development projects.

Goldeye Media, CEO

Alex, Toronto